Another area of firm’s practice is in commercial work making us a corporate and commercial boutique. We advise companies, financial institutions, government-linked companies, non-profit and statutory organizations on a full range of corporate and commercial matters ranging from simple incorporations to privatizations and large-scale cross-border transactions.

Corporate Advisory

Our firm’s practice covers the entire spectrum of commercial law, including regulatory approvals, tax implications and exemptions, the preparation of business and commercial agreements as well as the preparation of other instruments that directly and indirectly impact your business.

Joint Ventures & Shareholders’ Arrangements

We have worked with diverse clients to traverse corporate and cultural differences, successfully advising on joint ventures, shareholding, co-investment and strategic alliance arrangements worldwide. Our structures comply with the Malaysian legislative and regulatory regime, deftly balancing the interests of both minority and majority shareholders alike.

Commercial and Business Contracts

Every aspect of your business, from the day-to-day operations to commercial transactions, comes within our ambit. We draft contracts for a wide spectrum of businesses, including:

- Outsourcing contracts                                   - Distribution agreements
- Manufacturing and supply agreements         - Commission agreements
- Tenancy agreements                                     - Service agreements
- Lease and Sub-Lease agreements                 - Consignment agreements
- Memorandum of Understanding                  - Trust Deeds
- Settlements agreements                                - Investment agreements
- Scholarship agreements                                - Sabbatical Leave agreements
- Part-time Study agreements                         - Convertible Study Loan agreements
- Student Recruitment Agent agreements      - Student Placement agreements
- Joint Development agreements                     - Privatization agreements
- Friendly Loan agreements                            - Novation agreements
- Consortium agreements                                - Management agreements
- Consultancy agreements                               - Employee Handbook
- Renunciation & Assignment agreements      - Sale & Purchase agreements (gold wafers, etc)
- International trade documentations (letters of credit, bill of lading, bank guarantee, UCP 600, etc)

  • Rights and bonus issues, issuance of redeemable preference shares and other preference shares, warrants, debentures, capital reduction and restructuring;
  • Corporate administration, board and general meetings
  • Employees’ share option schemes, directors’ rights and responsibilities,
  • Mergers and amalgamations, reconstructions and restructurings;
  • Takeovers of companies including defence against takeovers, and management buy-outs;
  • Corporate compliance and regulatory issues, and advising companies in respect of such issues;
  • Preparation of applications to governmental and quasi-governmental authorities for licenses or approvals, including applications to the Foreign Investment Committee in relation to acquisitions of shares in Malaysian companies by local and foreign parties

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