This department provides services pertaining to the formation and administration of companies and business entities, and their legal compliance. We advise on the incorporation of companies, conversion of status of companies to or from private and public companies and registration of foreign companies or branches.

The scope of support includes the drafting, reviewing and amending of memorandum and articles of association, preparation of incorporation and registration forms, liaising with the authorities, conducting company searches at the Companies Commission and applications for reservation of names, and further recurrent processes of maintenance of statutory records, filing of statutory forms with the Companies Commission, preparation of notices for convening meetings, minutes of meetings and resolutions, attendance at board and general meetings and advice generally on compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines of supervisory bodies. In addition, we make available the firm’s office as the registered office of companies and we also provide first directors and subscriber shareholders to facilitate the incorporation of companies.

In addition, our general responsibilities are as follows:

  • Up keeping and maintaining the company’s statutory books, documents and registers.
  • Issuing notices of meetings and attending to board and general meeting as and when required to do so.
  • Preparing, authenticating and filling minutes of meeting and board resolutions.
  • Issuing share certificates, allotment and transfer of share, and acting as share registrar.
  • Assisting the company in complying with the Companies Act 1965 and other legislations.
  • Provision of registered office for compliance with the Companies Act, 1965
  • Such other duties as may be mutually agreed upon with directors.










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